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Our team at iSmile Mathis Ferry Dentistry is honored and delighted to offer holistic dentistry to you and your family members along with strong, reliable, and successful dental restorations like dental crowns! At our office, we offer CEREC® same-day dental crowns so we can give you the best and quickest results possible. Generally, dental crowns require two or more visits, but our team is happy to give you your natural-looking, successful dental crown within a single day! Dental crowns are great restorations that can improve your smile and bite in many ways, including by:

1. Protecting a fragile and weak tooth
2. Supporting a tooth that has a large filling
3. Keeping a cracked tooth in one piece
4. Repairing a broken tooth
5. Restoring a tooth that has been severely worn down
6. Disguising a tooth that is unattractive and discolored
7. Holding a dental bridge in place
8. Reshaping an oddly shaped tooth
9. Covering a dental implant
10. Improving your tooth’s appearance

After our holistic dentist places the crown over your tooth, you will be able to eat, chew, and speak properly and you will have the beautiful and healthier tooth you are looking for. With a dental crown, you never have to worry about stains, improper fitting, or discoloration as long as you keep up with your daily oral hygiene routine and you attend your six month checkups.

If you would like to learn more about dental crowns and the many ways they can benefit you and your smile, call our office today and schedule an appointment. We look forward to giving you the smile you have always wanted with a dental crown!