Oral Understanding: Anatomy of a Tooth

For this on-going series of educational blogs, we are going to point out the internal anatomy of a tooth. Crown: Taking a look at your teeth, the crown is everything that can be seen above the gumline. The function of the tooth is determined by its shape and placement in the mouth. The typical adult… Read more »

Tutoring About Your Teeth

What do you know about the teeth in your mouth? Besides taking a look in the mirror twice a day to brush them, do you really know anything about them and how important they are to your overall health? Medical doctors and dentist are in agreement that oral health is indicative of your overall body… Read more »

Dental Sealants: Umbrella of the Teeth

Did you know that dental sealants are highly effective cavity fighters that can protect the teeth from decay and are effective for young and old alike? Yes, it’s true! Dental sealants have been proven to be entirely safe for kids 6 years old and up. The most effective time to get dental sealants is around… Read more »

Protecting Your Palate From…Pizza?

You launch yourself out of the ball pit and race to the checkered table before your friends. Your pizza has arrived! It looks so yummy—dripping with cheesy goodness. Before anyone else can defile its circular beauty, you grab the biggest slice and take an oversized bite…and burn the roof of your mouth. As you reach… Read more »

Polish Your Oral Health with Dentures

When the time comes to improve your smile, visit your dentist to determine if any reservations are required. One of the most important things you should make sure of is that you always have a complete smile. This means replacing any lost or missing teeth. If you have ever lost a tooth for any reason,… Read more »

Bad Breath: Common Questions Asked

If you have questions about bad breath, then you have come to the right blog. Today, our dentist, Dr. , is happy to discuss details about bad breath by answering commonly asked questions. The more you know, the better. In fact, knowing the details about bad breath can help you have the pristine breath you… Read more »

Foods That Can Aid Your Dental Health

You probably know about some of the foods that can be bad for your oral health. Have you ever wondered what foods can aid your smile? Our dentist and team are happy to give you some pointers on foods to add to your diet to improve your dental health. Cheese If you love cheese, you’re… Read more »

What is the Oral Infection Called Thrush?

Thrush is the name given to an oral yeast infection from the candida albicans fungus. Usually painless, if you have this condition, you will notice a white rash in your mouth and/or throat. Candida, another name for thrush, is an infection more common in newborn babies, seniors who wear dentures, and anyone who may have… Read more »

The Dental Jokes That Can Ease Some Stress During Your Appointments

Do you wish there was a way to lighten the mood during your dental visits? If so, you have come to the right blog! Our dentist, Dr. Haefner, and dental team encourage you to share some dental jokes while you’re in our office! These jokes can give everyone something to smile about, help you relax… Read more »

Is Your Floss Routine Lacking? Try an Alternative Product

Flossing is a vital part of maintaining a healthy smile because, unlike other dental habits, it’s the only practice that can reach all of the tight spaces in your smile. However, proper flossing can be a struggle, resulting in a smile that is never fully clean. If you feel your flossing habit is lacking, ask… Read more »