Crowns Can Be Used in Many Aspects of Dental Restoration

For all intents and purposes, a crown is a nearly perfect replica of the enamel layer of a tooth. This makes the crown nearly invulnerable to the normal ravages of tooth decay that is brought on by the natural bacteria in your mouth. Your dentist, Dr. Haefner, commonly uses a crown to restore a tooth… Read more »

Enamel Erosion Is the Most Common Cause of Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth enamel is the incredibly hard substance that gives your teeth the integrity to chew and grind food. It gets its strength from an intricate network of microscopic mineral crystals. Over the course of a single day the pervasive bacteria in your mouth, as well as interaction with acidic foods and beverages you consume, can… Read more »

Identifying the Cause of Stained Teeth

Stained tooth enamel on your teeth can be a cause for stress. Even if you have Dr. Haefner perform a dental whitening treatment, stains can still return if you don’t address the underlying cause. Some foods like chocolate, tomato sauce, and dark berries have compounds that easily set into tooth enamel. Cutting back on these… Read more »

Dazzle Your Smile with Dental Veneers

Everyone loves a beautiful smile. That is why over the years cosmetic dentistry has become popular when it comes to enriching your smile. Dental veneers make your smile look flawless while correcting problems your teeth might have. Some of these problems dental veneers can correct include: · Discolored teeth · Aged or worn down teeth… Read more »

How Aging Affects Your Dental Health

Aging affects your whole body. Yet, how many people realize the affects it has on your oral health? Did you know, the natural process of aging can cause many other health issues if you neglect the daily care of your teeth? Some of these conditions associated with aging include: · Dry mouth · Root and… Read more »

How to Tell If You Have Gum Disease

Gum disease is a serious and dangerous dental issue that can destroy your oral health and smile if you let it. This disease generally develops because of the growth of plaque and tartar on your smile. Even though this disease is extremely dangerous, you may not notice the signs that are telling you that you’ve… Read more »

The Parts of a Tooth

To help you know more about your smile, our team is happy to explain the different parts of a tooth! That way you’ll understand more of what your dentist, Dr. Haefner, is talking about when you come into our office for an appointment. The main parts of a tooth include the: -Crown: The crown is… Read more »

Hardened Tartar at the Gum Line is the Most Likely Cause of Disease

It is estimated by the American Dental Association that nearly half of all people age 30 and over have gum disease to a varying degree. At the same time the Centers for Disease Control also reports that 64% of people 65 and over struggle with moderate to severe gum disease. Hardened tartar at the gum… Read more »

The Dental Veneer Placement Process

Dental veneers in Mount Pleasant, SC, are thin, natural-looking shells that can be placed over your teeth to give you the beautiful, stunning results you desire. They can correct a variety of different issues, like discolored teeth, worn teeth, chipped teeth, and much more. The process involved in placing a dental veneer is simple and… Read more »

Fractured Tooth

The enamel layer of your teeth is made up of densely packed microscopic mineral crystals that are very strong and durable. Unfortunately, there are still times where something like a fall or a blow to the face can fracture the enamel layer and potentially even damage the internal structures of the tooth. This can be… Read more »