Our dentist can help your mouth stay clean of infection during treatment when she provides dental ozone therapy. By using this energized form of oxygen, Dr. Wendy S. Haefner makes it more difficult for infections to exist in your mouth. Please contact i smile mathis ferry dentistry if you would like to benefit from our dental ozone therapy in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.


Your mouth is full of bacteria, fungi, and viruses which can cause infections that spread throughout the body, especially during dental procedures. However, we use techniques at our office to keep your mouth clean and healthy, and one of these techniques is dental ozone therapy. Ozone is an energized, elemental form of oxygen which contains an extra electron that helps to kill bacteria. Dental infections are acidic and anaerobic, so by adding the oxygen they lack, we can clean the mouth and reduce your risk for secondary infection.


Unlike the peroxide cleaning agent, ozone therapy does not burn, making for more comfortable care. We often use this service during fillings, cleanings, and extractions in order to make these procedures safer for patients. With ozone therapy, we can prevent cavities, slow the progression of gum disease, decrease pain from mouth sores, and reduce tooth sensitivity. Call our practice today if you want to learn more about our dental ozone therapy.