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Do you have a tooth that can be saved by root canal therapy? Whenever possible, our i smile mathis ferry dentistry, in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina seeks to save a damaged tooth rather than extract and replace it. Beneath the tough exterior of a tooth’s enamel lies the dentin and beneath that the tooth roots and pulp. Cavities and the ensuing decay can reach all the way through the enamel and dentin to affect the pulp. When this happens, the damaged tooth will require either extraction or root canal therapy to remove the infection.

Let’s take a look at how a root canal might save your tooth:

— When a tooth’s decay has gone on untreated, allowing it to reach the tooth’s root and infected the pulp, a root canal can remove the infection and save the tooth.

— An invisible injury to a tooth has allowed bacteria to enter the tooth pulp via a root, infecting it.

— An accident to the mouth has broken (or fractured) a tooth, exposing the tooth’s root and allowing an infection to set into the pulp.

— A tooth has undergone multiple procedures–such as fillings–weakening the tooth and allowing infection of the pulp to set in.

If you have a damaged tooth, a root canal may be just what you need to save the tooth and restore your healthy smile. If you would like more or want to schedule an appointment with Dr. Wendy S. Haefner in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, please call 843-884-1215 and speak to a member of our friendly staff. At i smile mathis ferry dentistry, we want to make sure you receive the quality oral care you deserve!