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Tooth enamel is the incredibly hard substance that gives your teeth the integrity to chew and grind food. It gets its strength from an intricate network of microscopic mineral crystals. Over the course of a single day the pervasive bacteria in your mouth, as well as interaction with acidic foods and beverages you consume, can cause a minute erosion of these mineral crystals.

If it isn’t effectively countered, this process known as demineralization can weaken your tooth enamel allowing cavities to form on multiple teeth. It also makes you more prone to develop tooth sensitivity issues.

Many people struggling with tooth sensitivity issues will turn to using specially formulated toothpaste. However, this only addresses the symptoms of tooth sensitivity, while the underlying cause continues to get worse. In time tooth decay could even result in significant tooth loss.

If you tooth sensitivity issues are linked to enamel erosion, Dr. Haefner may recommend a treatment strategy. Our office strives in helping you achieve positive oral health and beautiful smiles to show for it.

If you have tooth sensitivity issues and you would like to explore your treatment options, you should contact us in Mount Pleasant, SC, at 843-884-1215 to schedule an appointment.