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If your child is sucking their thumb, don’t panic. It is a natural part of childhood, and many kids typically get over the habit between the ages of three and five. However, if your child shows no signs of giving it up, they may be running the risk of altering the roof of their mouth, and may even be creating alignment problems later in life.

You should have a talk with your child about the problems that can be caused by thumb sucking. You can also bring them in to see our dentist, Dr. Wendy S. Haefner, who can also talk with them about the problems thumb sucking can cause and can give you some solutions. If your child is old enough, you can ask for their input on ways to curb the habit. Thumb sucking can also be a reaction to stress, and you may need to have a talk with them to find out if something is bothering them. You may need to solve an underlying problem before you can address the issue of thumb sucking. It may also help to give your child something to do with their hands, such as arts and crafts projects. If your child sucks their thumb while they are asleep, you might try putting them to bed with a glove or a sock on the hand.

Thumb sucking is not the end of the world, but it is also not a good habit and should not be allowed to continue. If your child is having difficulty breaking the habit, or if it is just time for their regular appointment for a cleaning or exam in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, you can call i smile mathis ferry dentistry at 843-884-1215 to schedule an appointment. We are  happy to help your child develop healthy habits for a lifetime of healthier smiles!