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Flossing is a vital part of maintaining a healthy smile because, unlike other dental habits, it’s the only practice that can reach all of the tight spaces in your smile. However, proper flossing can be a struggle, resulting in a smile that is never fully clean. If you feel your flossing habit is lacking, ask our team about alternative flossing options to keep your smile in good health.

Plaque likes to build up between your teeth where your toothbrush can’t clean. If left untreated, deposits of plaque can lead to gum inflammation and gum disease, causing complications such as persistent bad breath and the loss of teeth and bone structure. Only a consistent flossing habit can prevent plaque from resulting in these issues.

If you frequently struggle to use traditional waxed floss, the good news is that Dr. Haefner can guide you to many alternative methods, including floss picks and water flossing. Water flossing is achieved by using an interdental cleaning tool that produces a guided water jet to flush between your teeth and around the gums, removing food particles and plaque. One of the many benefits of water flossing is that the tool includes a variety of attachments so that you can select the one that feels most comfortable to you.

Our dentist and team would be thrilled to help you determine the best flossing alternative for your smile and help you develop effective flossing habits in Mount Pleasant, SC. Call 843-884-1215 to schedule your visit today!