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If you are looking to keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong, the preferred method is to keep your teeth natural and keep them safe and healthy. Avoiding oral health dangers such as sugar and chemical compounds can vastly increase your chance of oral health success. Whole-body wellness begins with the mouth and filters to the rest of the body from there.

Although fluoride treatments are touted as teeth-savers and cavity-blockers, very little research exists that proves it helps, and some research even shows it has no benefits at all. However, there is definitive proof that fluoride can kill, and even when ingested in small amounts, it can cause cancer and bone disorders.

Root canals are often issued by many traditional dentists with the promise that damaged teeth can be safe. However, this is inaccurate because the chemicals often used in traditional root canals can be toxic, and have been linked with health issues including cancers and heart disease.

Mercury is often used as binding agent in dental amalgams. However, mercury is considered a toxic substance even in its smallest doses. As a toxin, mercury can be linked to a multitude of health issues and disorders.

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