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Are you ready for the social festivities inherent in the fall and winter holidays? You can make your smile shine with the help of just a few easy tips. Today, our professional dental team in Mount Pleasant, SC, wants to share some quick ways to put forth a healthy, beautiful smile.

Whiter Teeth: Whiter teeth make an impression in social situations. When your teeth shine brightly you appear more attractive and confident. With the help of a whitening toothpaste, in just a few weeks your teeth can look brighter. If you are looking for a deeper shade of whitening or if you want faster results, you can speak to your dentist for a teeth-whitening treatment.

Floss Facts: Brushing is crucial for a healthy smile, but it can only remove 50% of plaque-causing bacteria in the mouth. Flossing lets you reach that other 50%, by removing bacterial debris along the gumline and in between your teeth. Not only that, but flossing can remove embarrassing food particles lodge between your pearly whites, prevent gingivitis (gum disease) while freshening your breath.

Staining Foods: The things you put into your mouth can stain your teeth. Consuming drinks and foods like coffee, tea, wine (any color, since white wine is high in acid) and tomato sauce, hot sauce, curry sauces, blueberries, cherries, and raspberries can all discolor your teeth.

Fresher Breath: To keep your breath fresh, keep your saliva production up by drinking lots of water, and aim to kill the germs in your mouth that cause bad breath. Rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash can help keep your breath cleaner and fresher.

To get your smile ready for the holiday season, stay on top of your daily oral hygiene and be sure to get your routine dental cleanings to remove hardened plaque and check for signs of tooth decay and gum disease.

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