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You launch yourself out of the ball pit and race to the checkered table before your friends. Your pizza has arrived! It looks so yummy—dripping with cheesy goodness. Before anyone else can defile its circular beauty, you grab the biggest slice and take an oversized bite…and burn the roof of your mouth. As you reach frantically for a glass of root beer to extinguish the inferno, you realize what it means to be the unfortunate victim of pizza palate!

Obviously, other types of foods and liquids that are served scalding hot can also cause painful burns in your mouth. It is only because the above scenario is so universally experienced that all of these types of burns are commonly referred to as “pizza palate.”

Although bothersome, food burns to your palate are normally not that severe and heal within a few (three to seven) days, if not sooner. Sometimes, you may not even realize that you have burned your palate until you feel some tenderness or a blister. Then you might remember having eaten something earlier that might have been a smidgen too hot. Learn your lesson and make sure your food and drink have cooled before digging in. This is especially important when things are heated in a microwave.

You may notice redness, a blister or whitish areas, indicating healing. We recommend that you gargle with warm salt water after meals to keep the area clean. If pain relief is needed, there are several over-the-counter anesthetics that can be used.

If you’ve burned your palate and would like to see a dentist, call Dr. Wendy Haefner and our team at iSmile Mathis Ferry Dentistry. To make an appointment at: 843-884-1215, or come by our office in Mount Pleasant, SC.