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Mercury amalgam dental fillings have been used for many decades. However, mercury is highly toxic to the body, and leak from the fillings into your body. The dangers of mercury fillings are gaining awareness, and many dental patients are looking for alternatives to amalgam fillings or looking to have their old fillings removed. At i smile mathis ferry dentistry, we are proud to help our patients remove their fillings and replace them with biologically safe composite fillings.

Installing a mercury filling is a very invasive process and causes a lot of complications later down the line. A lot of enamel around the cavity is removed to shape the tooth to literally wedge the amalgam into it. This leaves the tooth weakened because so much of the enamel has been removed. This often leads to the tooth breaking and needing to be replaced with a crown.

In addition to the physical problems, the toxic nature of mercury is not dampened by mixing it with silver. Silver fillings release mercury vapor whenever stimulated. Whenever the filling is brushed, ground upon by other teeth, used to chew food, or heated by a warm drink such as coffee, it releases mercury vapor which you then breathe in. This is why we strongly recommend having these fillings removed.

We take the strongest precautions to keep you and our dental staff safe when removing mercury fillings. Properly ventilating and filtering the air protects everyone involved from the fumes, and we place barriers to protect the patient’s mouth and skin from the amalgam pieces as they’re extracted. Our team does their utmost to ensure a minimum of exposure to the mercury. Afterward, our dentist will replace the filling with a BPA and mercury-free composite filling.

If you would like to learn more about removing old amalgam fillings, contact Dr. Haefner in Mount Pleasant, SC, today. You can reach us at 843-884-1215.