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When is the last time you paid serious attention to your tongue? It is probably not something that you normally give much thought to. But when you think about it, you couldn’t eat or speak without your tongue so maybe it deserves a little consideration.

Although it is one of the strongest muscles in the body, it is still pretty vulnerable, especially when it comes to injuries. A collision to your mouth can cause your teeth to come into contact with your tongue while playing contact sports or enjoying other forms of recreation. Or, it can be the result of an ordinary slip or fall. The tongue needs a great deal of blood to do its work, and a cut on your tongue could result in bleeding. Under normal circumstances, the bleeding should stop within 15 to 20 minutes if you apply direct pressure with a clean piece of gauze. If your tongue does not stop bleeding and or applying pressure doesn’t help, you need to go to the emergency room. You should also make an appointment to see our dentist, Dr. Wendy S. Haefner for a follow-up appointment.

Your mouth and your tongue contain millions of bacteria. Because of that, one of the best things you can do for your tongue is to keep your mouth clean. That includes brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day. When you brush your teeth, try using your toothbrush, or a tongue brush or tongue scraper to gently clean your tongue from back to front. Don’t forget to brush the sides of your tongue and to thoroughly rinse your toothbrush (or tongue scraper) when you are finished. If you use tobacco in any form, you are putting your tongue at risk so you should talk to your dentist or doctor about a cessation program.

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