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What do you know about the teeth in your mouth? Besides taking a look in the mirror twice a day to brush them, do you really know anything about them and how important they are to your overall health? Medical doctors and dentist are in agreement that oral health is indicative of your overall body health, and there are studies going on currently to more fully comprehend the connection. Regrettably, we don’t understand all of the causal relationships at the moment, but it is important that we do. And it is important that you get to know your teeth. To that end, here is a brief summary of the 32 friends you have in your mouth.

Adults have 32 teeth. Among these teeth are 8 incisors, 4 canines, 8 premolars, and 12 molars—including 4 wisdom teeth which you may or may not have removed.

Incisors: The narrow-edged cutting and chopping teeth that are foremost in your mouth and showcase your smile. Ax-like, these teeth slice food into bite-sized morsels.

Canines: Your pointiest teeth, also known as cuspids which literally means “pointed end.” The spear shape makes them best for biting, piercing, and tearing. Just ask Dracula.

Premolars: Next in line to the canines are the premolars, also known as “bicuspids” because they also have two pointed parts on each side of the surface of the tooth, which makes them similarly good for tearing as well as crushing.

Molars: Powerful pressure is put on the molars so they can crush, grind, and chew. They are the flattest of the teeth and can be the most prone to cavities due to the force that is put upon them constantly.

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