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Biological dentistry isn’t a dental specialty in the way that periodontology or orthodontics is. It’s a paradigm about dentistry as a whole. It’s a mindful, thoughtful approach that seeks to take into account the complexity and interconnectedness of the body. It seeks the safest dental treatments available that will have the least impact on the health of your body.

Dr. Haefner understands that everything she implants or leaves in or around a tooth affects many other parts of the body, and she takes that into account when she provides treatment. Resolving dental problems while working in harmony with the body is of utmost importance.

The major challenge of biological dentistry is to choose materials that restore the function and appearance of teeth while reducing the presence of pathogens and other threats to your health.

Amalgam fillings are a perfect example. So-called “silver fillings” are fully one-half mercury, and release mercury vapors into your mouth for the entire life of the filling. We provide fillings free of both mercury and harmful BPA plastics. We also provide the service of safely removing mercury fillings and replacing them with the safer composite fillings.

Dr. Haefner and her team wants you to have a truly healthy mouth and body for your entire life. Let us help you on that journey today. Call us today at 843-884-1215 to schedule your appointment with our dentist.