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Thrush is the name given to an oral yeast infection from the candida albicans fungus. Usually painless, if you have this condition, you will notice a white rash in your mouth and/or throat.

Candida, another name for thrush, is an infection more common in newborn babies, seniors who wear dentures, and anyone who may have immune systems that have been compromised. Other contributing factors are chronic dry mouth, uncontrolled diabetes, hormonal changes due to pregnancy, and the use of medications like antibiotics and corticosteroids.

Symptoms common to this condition are:

-White “cottage cheese” patches in the mouth, tongue and inner cheeks
-Soreness and redness
-Cracks at the corners of the mouth
-Pain or discomfort when swallowing.


Because white patches in your mouth and/or throat are not always thrush, your dentist will diagnosis candida only after a scraping and culture is taken and a thorough examination is done under a microscope.


Treatment of thrush with antifungal medications and rinses taken orally is typical. Fluconazole is prescribed often by dentists for the sufferer. You should see your dentist for a consultation on which method is best for you.

After fixing the problem, managing the reemergence of the infection in the future is paramount. Practicing good oral hygiene is important. Disinfecting dentures and keeping them clean from harboring yeast is vital. If you are concerned about thrush, Dr. Haefner would be happy to answer your questions. Please contact us at 843-884-1215, or come by our office in Mount Pleasant, SC.